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After years of shooting, researching and
editing, Goodlight Presets was born.


The beginnings of Goodlight Presets started a few years ago when these two photographers became friends over a strong cup of coffee. Cody and Austin bonded over their love for their wives, kids and photography. 

Both being wedding photographers for more than 14 years, they understand the ins and outs of what makes a business successful and the countless hours that can be spent editing. They had similar tastes in editing styles and knew there was a niche in the market for a preset that was more than just a click of a button. They wanted to recreate a preset and invent an entirely new process for color matching that would elevate their work and the industry leaders around them. 

With Cody’s savvy technical skills and Austin’s charming ability to connect with clients, Goodlight Presets was dreamed up and created to enhance business and streamline workflow. 

Goodlight Preset’s name was derived from what all photographers are constantly chasing… light. Good light! There are so many elements that affect the outcome of a photo but the most important is light. Wherever that good light is on the day of the wedding, traveling abroad or on a lifestyle shoot, a good photographer needs to find it. Cody and Austin created Goodlight Presets knowing that photographers needed an editing technique that gravitated towards perfect lighting conditions and produced beautiful imagery. 



some commonly asked questions:

“What cameras do they work with?”


Meet Cody

Cody is a destination hybrid film wedding photographer - and travels all over the world documenting his clients love stories. His favorite destinations are Provence France, the Amalfi coast - and shooting the beaches near his home in South Florida.

When he's not shooting or geeking out on photo gear - you'll find him happily sitting on his porch swing enjoying time with his wife and 2 kiddos, drinking copious amounts of craft coffee, or attempting a new BBQ recipe on his Kamado grill.


Meet Austin

Austin has been a self taught destination wedding photographer for 14 years. He shoots all over the US, and abroad, and continues to be a mentor for newer photographers looking for guidance.

He loves spending time with his wife and daughter, and is admittedly a “cat lady” (He loves dogs too) When Austin isn’t obsessing over vintage lenses and photography you’ll find him cooking or woodworking. Originally from New England, Austin now calls Florida home.




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