Goodlight Pack 2 - B&W

Goodlight Pack 2 - B&W


Black & white Presets like you’ve never seen before! Goodlight Presets Pack 2 includes 6 unique b&w profiles plus grain and color tone filter tools.

Black and white presets like no other! Includes 6 unique presets each with a very distinctive filmic look. Our B&W presets are enhanced profiles which means they are infinitely variable with the amount slider in Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile and also Photoshop.

Supported Software: Adobe® Lightroom Classic® 7.3 or later, Adobe® Photoshop/Camera Raw 10.3 or later & Adobe® Lightroom® CC 1.4 or later for desktop or mobile. For Mobile only editing, you do need a desktop version to install the presets.

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Beautiful expanded B&W tonality from 6 unique profiles


Goodlight Pack 2 B&W presets do what others have never done. Unlike other presets, these 6 presets are enhanced profiles and can be tweaked according to original color and luminosity, unlike a standard black and white conversion.

Each preset has a unique look but can be tailored to your vision with the amount slider. Grain and color filters are also included to dial in the exact look you’re after. They range from dark and punchy to soft and classic.


Sample edits from Goodlight Pack 2