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goodlight presets

Goodlight Pack 1 - Color

Lightroom Presets like no other! Goodlight Presets Pack 1 includes 6 unique profiles to match your aesthetic vision!

Truly a 1 click preset! Goodlight presets are what are know as enhanced profiles which means all 6 presets are infinitely variable through the amount slider. The way they interact with color & tonality is unlike any standard Lightroom preset. They are known to bring out the beauty and color of film while retaining the detail and benefits of digital!

Supported Software: Adobe® Lightroom Classic® 7.3 or later, Adobe® Photoshop/Camera Raw 10.3 or later & Adobe® Lightroom® CC 1.4 or later for desktop or mobile. For Mobile only editing, you do need a desktop version to install the presets.

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Included with Pack 1

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unique profiles

We love color, and we love variety. Enter Goodlight presets. As much as we wish there were a silver bullet for editing we know that it’s important to use the right tool for the job. Our 6 presets have you covered in any lighting scenario.

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installation guide

Installing these presets and profiles is easy. Especially compared to putting together IKEA furniture. We also include a link to a video guide showing you how to install everything. Who doesn’t love YouTube?

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Ok, maybe not when we are sleeping but we will do our best to email you back as soon as we possibly can with any technical problems or issues regarding our presets and get it solved right away.



In the wild

Our presets are used by hundreds of photographers with amazing results. Explore the gallery below to experience the gorgeous images edited with Goodlight Presets Pack 1.


Before & After + When to use each preset

When to use F1

Use this preset for medium contrast and pleasing tones. Nothing overly stylized. Just a nice everyday preset. Great for natural and artificial light.

When to use F2

Use f2 for classic filmy tones, and a romantic feel. This preset is most popular with hybrid photographers, and anyone who loves film. Great for weddings, portraits, and natural light.

When to use F3

f3 is your go-to vacation, landscape, and editorial preset. Colors pop and contrast is strong. Warm and cool tones are emphasized. Amalfi never looked so good!


When to use F4

If you like f1 but you want something more subtle and with lower contrast then f4 is your friend. Whenever editing seems to be a struggle f4 makes it easy.

When to use F5

Use f5 when you want a slightly more analog look with mintier greens and soft highlights. When you first apply f5 you may think it looks off. It's supposed to! Just adjust your white balance and tint to taste and you'll see a transformation.

When to use F6

This preset is much like f5, but with soft pink hues in the highlights and a faded vintage feel. f6 reminds us of very (and I mean very) over exposed film.


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USE CODE BUNDLE at checkout for 15% off when you purchase both PACK 1 & PACK 2 together!!